Pacific Fuel Oil Corp.
202 Prospect Avenue,Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Oil Heat & Gas Service Heating Oil Deliveries  Installations
Pre-Buy Plan
This plan allows you to pre-buy your oil in advance at a lower fixed price.  You can pre-buy your entire winter supply or as little as 500 gallons.  You must pay the entire contract amount at the time of contract signing.  Any oil purchased over that amount will be billed the street price at the time of delivery.
Monthly Adjustable Plan
This plan offers the flexibility of oil prices adjusting monthly.  Your price is locked in the prior month for the following months oil. The price will be fixed for that month only and will not change.  This option gives you the chance to fix your price monthly and to avoid locking into one price for the entire season.
Capped Price Plan
This plan has a set capped price and offers downside protection.  This price may go down but will never go higher than the agreed upon capped price.  To participate in this plan you must be on automatic credit card payment.
Market Rate
This option allows you to pay the current rate on a daily basis.  It will go up and down with the market conditions and there is no upside or downside protection
To participate in the above plans you must purchase an annual service contract, be on automatic delivery and buy all of your oil from Pacific Fuel Oil Corp.
In addition if you are not on the capped program, payment for your oil must be made in 10 days of delivery, or by the 10th of each month if you are on our budget payment plan.